PBOT Healthy Business Permits

The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) has officially launched their Healthy Business Permit program! This permit allows you to have dining, retail racks or services like hairstyling in parking and street space to increase social distancing. Permit applications are free. Learn more and apply at PBOT’s website.

Interested to see where permits have been applied for? Visit PBOT’s interactive map of locations.

Want more help thinking through the program? Check out Venture Portland’s Q/A video with PBOT.

Questions? Contact Calvin Hoff at [email protected] or contact PBOT directly at [email protected].

Outdoor Commerce Opportunities in Gateway

Are you a business that wants to operate outside, but can’t due to space constraints? Specific Gateway businesses have volunteered to host neighbors looking to operate outside. Restaurants, food carts, service businesses and retailers in need of outdoor space are encouraged to reach out Calvin at [email protected], who will discuss options with you.

Are you a business with a large parking lot that may be willing to donate space for others to operate outside? Contact Calvin at [email protected]

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June 23, 2020

PBOT Healthy Business Permits

11124 NE Halsey St  PMB 478 | Portland, Oregon 97220
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